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in henryville, indiana one tornado sent a school bus into a house over the weekend. the death of a baby girl who was found alive brings the death toll to 39. tahman bradley reports. >> reporter: the destruction shows the cleanup is going to last for a long time. in tennessee, the town is picking up after a twister 300 yards wide traveling at 120 miles an hour, left enormous destruction. >> [ inaudible ] >> reporter: among the dead, the entire babcock family, mom, dad, two kids, 14-month-old angel found in a field after the storm, taken off life support late yesterday. this charlotte, north carolina family is thankful, three of the children were sucked out of the house when the twister struck. all of the kids were hospitalized, but none had serious injuries. the doctors gave the kids a special nickname. >> they looked at 'em and couldn't believe it. they called 'em miracle babies. >> reporter: in west liberty, kentucky a woman prayed approaching twister would go away. she lived. so many miracles amid enormous destruction. tahman bradley, abc news. >>> you almost don't know what to say looking at
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1

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